Before the last day of “Mark Noble”

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Before the last day of “Mark Noble

This weekend will be the last Premier League game of the 2021-2022 season, and the results of the 38th leg of the match still apply to many teams in every goal each team has been aiming for. As for how it will be, let’s wait to see if this year’s Premier League will have any drama as the finale or not.

But for a player, this will be the “last game” of his professional football career. and will leave the field as the “One Club Man” who has played for one club throughout his professional football career. (Not including being release on loan)

Mark Noble (35, contract until mid 2022) told the UFABET media ahead of another final game against Brighton and Hove Albion awaiting him. But it is thought he “may. will” no longer play in such games. Because he had great memories. There was an impressive farewell ceremony. 

With West Ham’s home game It’s been in the last few games. That they have been able to collect one key point against Manchester City. Making it their final game of the season. If they win and the result is favorable. They may have a chance to play in the Europa League, but at the Europa Conference League.

Noble was born in Canning Town, London, and has a West Ham United fan since childhood. His home is not far from Upton Park, the former home of the “hammer” team. Of course he walks past it almost every day. Looking at that field is like a dream of wanting to be part of it. Has been on the field as a professional player for West Ham United.

from that starting point It became the first step into the youth team at the age of 11 until this weekend. He was about to leave the team as a Loyal player. Club captain and a nickname that will be with him forever “Mr. West Ham” (Mr. West Ham)

“I couldn’t believe it was me. It’s a great honor I’ve been in football for a very long time. But I never thought I would get this honor. Throughout my life I have given the opportunity to switch teams many times. But my idea is to always be with the team. We’ve been relegate. I was in that team but I think the club gave me a chance. Trusted me since childhood I think that way, I would like to help the team get back into the Premier League.”