Van de Beek vows to regain his confidence

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Van de Beek vows to regain his confidence in half of the season after 100 sacrifices

Everton midfielder Donny van de Beek has insisted. He is targeting the most at Everton. to restore confidence

The 24-year-old Dutchman midfielder joins Everton on loan in the second half of this season. And has played 3 games. Which when counte more minutes than he had the opportunity. The first half of the season with Manchester United already and refer to confirm that he will continue to strive

“I admit I was surprised to receive such a wonderful welcome from Everton, my aim is to play my best. I’m very happy to be able to go on the pitch with the fans watching the game. The atmosphere was really great and it was very important. That we were able to win against Leeds, it was good for me. 

And of course the team before moving here I know Everton With the follow-up work since the era of Ronald Koeman came to the team. So I know quite a bit about this place. They have a lot of fans. and full of expectations And I hope to fulfill those hopes. I still strive to practice every day. I believe that I can be better than this. Of course, I believe that I have the potential. And know what you can do And it has to be shown to everyone.” Van de Beek told UFABET

“Injuries and not playing in the Euro 2020 finals are painful. I spent time recuperating. and going to the gym to increase strength and full fitness. Before entering this season The rest from now on it is an opportunity to prove myself once again.”