Pochettino understands all sides’ complaints about VAR.

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Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino understands all the managers who criticize the issue of using VAR. When decisions are made that are questionable to the team’s disadvantage.

This technology is used in the decision-making process of football games. This season has heavily debated over its failures. With even PGMOL chairman Howard Webb admitting there were mistakes.

With the latest dispute between Arsenal losing to Newcastle or even the game in which the “Sing Blues” won against Spurs with 9 remaining players 4-1. Ange Postecoglou Very upset with the decision that was made UFABET

Pochettino said about this: “It’s hard to judge for me because I don’t know which side Ange is on and Mikel said one moment. If you go back and listen to what Klopp said in the Liverpool vs Tottenham game, it It’s normal to complain. Or sometimes it is normal to criticize when Arteta believes the ball has gone out or there has a foul.”

“Everyone has their own opinion. I think on Monday it was clear with all the decisions. The most important thing is that we cannot go back. VAR is here and we have to do our best to use it because of the technology involved.”

“The time we use VAR is a time when we have to be careful and the consequences over the next few years will be very difficult.”

“I understand that Mikel or Klopp criticize or Ange can say it in a different way. We need to prove ourselves and protect our club. It’s normal.”