Moggi supports Ibrahimovic to join Milan.

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Luciano Moggi, famous former director of Juventus, praises Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a great person. Ready to cheer for you to go well in your new career path with AC Milan.

Legend of the Swedish national team Decided to hang up his boots after the end of last season. After dealing with injuries for almost the entire final season of his playing career. It is reported that “Red-Black Devils” prepare to bring him back to work at the club. ทางเข้า UFABET But the location has not yet been specified. 

Moggi was instrumental in bringing Ibrahimovic to Juventus in 2004. Encouraging the 42-year-old former star to do well in this new direction.

“I know Zlatan, I saw him from a young age. But when I talked to him I immediately felt he had what it took to take him far. Not just as a football player. But also as the son of a helper.” Moggi said via TMW.

“He’s got charisma but there’s nothing missing in being a great manager. I don’t think he’s just talented. But he is great in this role.”

“I don’t know anything about this. (Work details) But if Milan thinks about having him take on a role that may not be there right now. I think it was the right, thoughtful and complete choice. Zlatan is a great person. Just look at the career he had and where he stopped playing.”

“He has experience that few others have. He has charisma and there is a chance to have someone as great as Pioli by his side.”