Kuluchevski is happy to join Conte

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Kuluchevski is happy to join Conte, stating that this is a coach who only wants to win.

Spurs midfielder Dejan Kulusevski admits he is enjoying working under Antonio Conte.

Kuluchevski has made his first start since joining the club on loan. With purchase option Before he scored his first goal for Spurs and himself. On a 3-2 victory over Manchester City report by UFABET

“I’ve been hurt by the story over the past few months. I am not myself and did not play the way. He was playing in the first real Premier League game I don’t know, I don’t know how to explain.”

“I had to play like I had nothing to worry about. This game we were able to score goals quickly. It was great and there was no time to think about anything else. You are only responsible for continuing to play. For me it’s great to work with Conte.

Who always wants to be a winner. And on the days when the team didn’t win. He won’t be happy right away. we all work hard. And the outcome of this game is what we want. It’s no secret at all. It is hard work Listen to what the coach says. If you listen to him, you can do well.”