Klopp weighs in on who will be number 6, Trent or Wataru.

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Liverpool team manager Jurgen Klopp said in a press conference before meeting Brentford (12 Nov.) that. He has not yet decided who will play as midfield number 6 between Trent Alexander-Arnold or Wataru Endo.

As usual, the number #6 position belongs to Alexis Mac Allister. But because he accumulated 5 yellow cards. He was banned for one match. Thus the mark was born. The question is, how should I take it? 

‘JK’s’ options are to use Endo in his position or push Trent from right-back to settle in the middle. In charge of the backfield, Joe Gomez plugged in UFABET

There is still time to think about the 56-year-old coach’s decision on the job. 

Klopp opened his mouth :

“Yes, it is possible that Trent can play in midfield. But things like this depend on the situation. The opponent and many other factors.”

“We know he can play, but to put Trent in the middle would be to lose one of the best right-backs in the world. We must never forget such matters.”

“He is definitely a choice for that position.”

“For Wataru, he is progressing every day. We’ve had stories of new players taking time to prove themselves with the team in the past – remember Andy Robertson saying he didn’t play at all in the first half of the year? Until now, no one remembers each other. Many players are stuck in the early stages. Then it’s all good.” 

“Wataru isn’t stuck. He has played many games but there are people wondering. Why he is not yet a starter in the English Premier League.” 

“It needs to adjust the rhythm a little bit. But I promise that he will play in the starting line-up in the English Premier League 100%.”  

The team’s number 6 choice at this time is limited. Stefan Bycetic, Thiago Alcantara or Curtis Jones are all injured. While Ryan Grafenberg ( knee ) I’m not feeling good about starting out.