Conte says Spurs have a long-standing problem

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Conte says Spurs have a long-standing problem None of the coaches could fix it right away.

Spurs manager Antonio Conte has said that no coach in the world can solve problems for Spurs as quickly as possible. Antonio Conte told UFABET

The 52-year-old Italian boss signed an 18-month contract to take over the team in November. By this time, their performance was not very good. With the opportunity to play in the Champions League next season will still have to win hard. Including being eliminated from the football cup in all competitions this season.

“The Spurs story has a lot of ups and downs. being in competition and try to win something and try to fight for something important and become a strong team First of all, it’s a team with good results consistency. and avoid uncertainty in terms of performance.”

“To do that and changing the situation as it has been for many years it’s not normal In terms of working in the short term It wasn’t at all possible to make it happen. Not just for me alone But it’s for all the managers that come here. It is the story of the club that has been going on for the last 20 years.”

Spurs are seventh in the Premier League, five points behind the Champions League space.