Collymore urges Klopp to pay ‘cheap’ for Liverpool midfielder

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Collymore urges Klopp to pay ‘cheap’ for Liverpool midfielder

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore has urged Jurgen Klopp to contact Paris Saint-Germain alumnus Georginio Wijnaldum. Return to Anfield with the lowest cost after the end of this season

“As we all know, Wijnaldum has become a former player who has failed with Paris Saint-Germain, so if I were Jurgen Klopp, I would have tried to offer a cheap fee. Absolutely to buy back to Liverpool at the end of the season for sure,” Collie told The UFABET.

“A lot of people say Wijnaldum is too old. But he’s actually just 32 years old, the same as Jordan Henderson, and four years younger than James Milner.”

“I don’t deny that When we see professional footballers over the age of 30, they tend to think they are old and slapping their feet into the final stages of retirement, but in truth Wijnaldum can still play at the highest level for many years. year Or at least his experience will benefit youngsters like Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott for sure.”

“Personally, I’m a person who doesn’t like to see old players come back, but for Wijnaldum, if the price is very cheap to a level that Liverpool can afford to pay without hesitation. There would be no problem. because he will immediately help Liverpool, my former club, become stronger.”