Choelinton New Role Behind Newcastle’s Stunning Results

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Choelinton New Role Behind Newcastle‘s Stunning Results

Victory over Brighton on Saturday left Newcastle United unbeaten in the Premier League for eight games in a row. The person who deserves credit is inevitably Choelinton, the club’s Player of the Month award.

And for those who do not know. The former Hoffenheim striker has now replace. Eddie Howe as one of the most complete midfielders around. Reported from UFABET

The Brazilian striker faced adaptation problems since the first move. Which directly affects his goalscoring very much. And despite being rock to play both in the role. Of the line edge to the playmaker of the ball break. But there doesn’t seem to be a role more suite to him as a central midfielder like he is now.

And in fact since being back down to play in the midfield of Salikadong in the game against Liverpool at the end of last year No player has won as many tackles in the league as him at 40.

Shoelinton’s strength gives Jonjo Shelvey more time to decide on passing the ball. And his bait allows Joe Willock to play freely by finding holes in the ball. The opponent’s penalty area without having to worry about the game in the past

Midfield and defensive issues have always been a problem with Newcastle, especially early in the season under Steve Bruce when they remained a defensive-focused team.

And it’s true that to break into Newcastle to score goals is not easy. But the quality of their defensive players isn’t so great that they’re able to stay firmly in defense over 90 minutes without accidentally opening a hole or making a mistake at least once or twice per game.