Atletico Madrid 1-1 Man United: Dropped after the game

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Atletico Madrid 1-1 Man United: Dropped after the game Champions League last night reported from UFABET

1. Lindelof in the position of right-back

Despite having two professional right-backs, Ralph Rangnick still has Victor Lindelof playing at right-back. It wasn’t the famous center trio that many would expect when they saw the line-up.

However, his experiment was a complete failure. Because in addition to Lindelof will not play the ball beyond his own territory Regarding the defensive game, he still looks awkward as well.

2. The Missing McTominay

Scott McTominay may not be a great midfielder. But when faced with a midfield who relentlessly chases opposing players like Atletico Madrid in this game – having the same type of players on the other side should help quite a bit.

3. Elanca Hot Continues

Five minutes after coming in as a replacement for Marcus Rashford, Ellanga equalized for his team through Bruno Fernandes,

the Swedish youth benefiting from the empty space. Left out by Jan Oblak and the defensive line has all slipped away to punish the infrequent mistake seen in this game.

It was the first goal in It was Ellanca’s Champions League and it came at a time when his team desperately needed it.